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Drag and drop the file to the online PDF converter. Once your PDF file is reduced in size, you can download your compressed file.


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Your safety is our priority. All of our file transfers are protected by advanced SSL encryption. In addition, we automatically delete all files from our servers.

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PDF COMPRESSION is the process of compressing files. You can use the online PDF REDUCTION tool free of charge for both your computer and cloud systems . The online system feature 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is reinforced with security software and ensures the protection of your data.

Select a file from your computer for PDF Compressing and have it converted in seconds. 

Reducing PDF File Size

PDF file compression is an application that allows you to transfer to websites and e-mails more easily. You can easily reduce the PDF file size through our system . You can translate for free, without having to download a program, install software, or use paid apps.

The free online PDF COMPRESS tool converts your files in seconds. Moreover, you can reduce not only the files stored on your computer, but also by transferring PDF files from cloud solutions or various websites.

You can perform smooth, easy and error-free conversion and compression from all systems such as Windows, Mac or Linux. Your information is not recorded on our system and is not stored in our content. Therefore, you can Compress your PDF files with 100% security features. You can also restore your files to their original state whenever you want.

Compressing PDF

You can use our online tool to compress PDF or convert your compressed files to their original size. You can complete PDF compression, which is one of the services we provide for free, in a few easy steps. For this;

  • Open the screen and click on the select file field

  • Select file from your computer

  • Select the format to convert or click the Compress tab to compress

  • Confirm the action and download and use your file

You can also send your PDF shrinking process from cloud storage systems such as Google Drive or via email and complete the compression process easily. To compress by sending PDF through various websites, click the URL field and enter the link address, then click compress and shrink your file.

After the process, you can edit it immediately, download it to the platform you want or download it to your computer.

PDF Reducing Program

PDF reducer , one of our online support services , is free. Each user can provide the reduction process of PDF files free of charge by logging in online. Optionally, 2GB and 5GB options are available.

The PDF converter tool, which reduces in seconds, provides fast and comfortable work in extension and format formats. You can change the extension of any PDF file you want. Simply select the action you want to do from the PDF conversion options by dragging it to the window.

PDF reduction program is designed with high-level security programs and SSL encryption technologies are used. Your data is not saved, stored or moved to different platforms. After your file conversion is complete, the information is directly and permanently deleted from the platform.

Cloud is used in your online PDF reduction operations. You gain advantage because your computer's capacity is not used. Even large files are compressed in a few seconds.

Online PDF Compression

Online PDF compression reduces your scanned PDF files to 144 dpi for uploading to web platforms or e-mail. With the most ideal size form, you get the advantage of space and comfort from transfers.

Online conversion tool; translates optimized file size with ideal image, font and content quality. Compressing at ideal rates without sacrificing file quality is provided by our robust infrastructure and qualified program designs.

It is also quite easy to check the file size in online free PDF Compressing . By opening the PDF file from Adobe Acrobat Reader; You need to click on File/Properties. Then you can view the PDF size from the file size field by clicking Document Properties.

Your PDF Compress actions have the option to resize or reduce to default sizes. If you plan to choose the file size; You must enter measurements in inches and millimeters. You can optionally adjust the size of your files and provide compression.

After the completed compress operations, you can redirect to the cloud system, forward it to your e-mail address or download it back to your computer.


How to Shrink PDF File?

Online shrinking is done in seconds with our free conversion tool.

What Does PDF Compression Do?

PDF compression enables easy transfer over the web while reducing file sizes and removing unnecessary spaces, saving storage space.

What Happens When You Shrink PDF?

The smaller the file, the smaller the quality. Easy transfer and storage is provided for PDF files that may have image defects.

How Do I Shrink PDF for Free?

You can convert for free using our online conversion tool.